Hello. My name is Christyna Romero, and I am the President of Credit Repair Today! We specialize in preparing the consumer's credit for loan qualification.   We guarantee results in 60-90 days, and our clients average  a 100-point credit score increase in this short time. 

Here at Credit Repair Today, we offer a FREE personal credit consultation to Everyone.  And unlike most of our competitors, we have NO MONTHLY FEES. 

WARNING: Companies that charge monthly fees for "credit repair," only work on 1 or 2 accounts at a time to prolong the process over a year's time.

Our goal is to help prepare you for a successful future.  After completing our process, you will gain buying power, credit education and peace of mind.  I guarantee it!  Call us TODAY and be on your way to Higher Credit Scores tomorrow!

Christyna L. Romero

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Credit Repair Today Headquarters are in Albuquerque, NM however We operates throughout the US!

 Credit Repair Today Credit education and repair, Credit Repair Today credit reports and scores, credit reports and scores in Albuquerque and throughout the US

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Credit Repair Today Credit Reports And Scores

Credit Repair Today Credit Education And Repair




Credit Repair Today Credit Counseling Credit Reports Credit Scores Id Theft Solutions


CRT is determined to educate EVERYONE about how our Credit Scoring system works and to protect the Rights of us the consumers, under the FCRA and FDCPA (Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Act). CRT was formed with the idea to help more families accomplish the “American Dream!” Giving the land back to the people wasn’t an option so, Home Ownership was the next best thing! Over 30 years’ experience goes into our unique credit repair process. CRT is a consumer advocate organization determined to protect the Rights of the American Consumer.

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CRT and Affiliates practice Credit law. Specializing in the FCRA and the FDCPA (Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act). It is our job to inform all consumers of their rights under all credit statutes. 

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"Christyna was very professional and raised my credit score from the mid 500's to 720 in as little as 60 days." -Jason

"I was skeptical about trusting credit repair companies but Credit Repair Today is the real deal! Worth every penny" -Betty

"I got ripped off by a credit repair company for $1200 and no results. CRT charged me a fraction of that price and I seen results in the first 60 dayS." -Dean

"My Son was off to college and mis managed his credit card accounts, Ms. Romero educated him on  how to manage his credit card's the right way now he taught me a few things. Thanks Credit Repair Today." - Frances

"Christyna Romero is knowledgeable and professional. I called for my free credit consultation and was so impressed with her assessment of my situation, she immediately earned my trust and I hired her that day! Best $450 dollars I have ever spent. God bless this company!" -Joe M.

"Credit Repair Today helped me qualify to buy a home for my family. I was turned down because of my credit score and my loan officer referred me to CRT. Hands down best decision of my Life." -

"I refer all my friends and family to Credit Repair Today, they not only helped me buy my first home and repaired my credit I now have the education I need to maintain it. Thank you!" -Robert

"I am a Mortgage broker and I have been working with Christyna Romero and Credit Repair Today for years. I belief strongly in there process and plan to do a lot more business in the future. Thanks you Ms. Romero for always taking good care of my clients." -Stewart 

"My credit score raised 150 points in 72 day's! What more could I say but Thank you!" - Brandy

"After 1 year of paying a "law firm" 1000's of dollars and monthly fee's I was highly discouraged to work with another company but my career depended on it. A friend referred my to Credit Repair Today and after only 60 day's my score's jumped up over 100 points!!! I was always able to get a hold of my credit counselor with no hassle! I feel they really cared and took the time to teach me the fundamentals of credit. I now am happy to say I have kept my credit score's up to this day. God bless you for all you do for others!" - Patrick

"Credit used to be a highly emotional subject for me. I felt overwhelmed overtime I even seen my credit report, to the point I just flat out ignored it. Credit Repair Today changed my life. I finally faced it head on and with the help of Christina I am now happy to look at my credit score." -Emily

"I was a victim of identity theft and didn't know where to turn. now I am able to monitor my credit anytime I want and all the fraud was removed from my credit report." - Nadine